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Android Q operating system

What is Android Q

Do you think about Google's new portable working framework Android Q? Google discharged Android 10.0 beta form a couple of days back, its name is Android Q. It has included numerous new and energizing highlights. Would you be able to introduce this OS in Android Phone? In this post, we are sharing full data about the Android Q working framework. What is Android Beta,What is New and How to Install it?




Google has finally announced the end of Android Q Beta or Android 10.0 Quindim Launch. There are so many new things in this OS. These OSes have been announced by Launch Google for all Smartphones soon, end Android Q Beta or Android 10.0 Quindim Launch. There are so many new things in this OS. These OS will be launched soon for all Smartphones. 

August 2019 6 different beta previews of are about to come. After that it will roll out to all the phones.

In this article, what are you Android Q and what new highlights will be accessible in it? Are telling about. Android Q is what is and what's going on highlights.

What is Android Q

Android Q is the next update to the Android operating system. This is Google's latest Mobile Operating System of the Android Family.

Google has incorporated various highlights in it. You can utilize Google's new Operating System Android Q as the remainder of the working framework.

Google has launched Android Q Beta 1 Version a few days ago, which is now available for download at

Google Vice President has posted on his blog and told Apple developers about the main features of this Operating System. This mobile operating system has more focus on privacy and security. 

All Android Operating System names are on letters in order of English. Subsequent to being completely set they up, are named after a sweet thing named, which begins with its letter.

Here I educate you regarding a portion of the last age of Android.

  • Gingerbread
  • Honeycomb
  • Ice cream Sandwich
  • Jelly Bean
  • Kitkat
  • Lollypop
  • Nouget
  • Oreo
  • Pie
  • Now Android Q   
Android Q is the most recent and next variant working framework in these.

What are the new highlights of Android Q?

Google has added numerous new highlights to its new Mobile Operating System Android Q or Android 10.0. Android Q Features 

We should realize what the new element is in the Android Q working framework.

1. Protection and Permissions

Google has center most around protection in this new working framework Android Q. In this, clients will probably choose which applications to offer authorization to which applications.

In all the versatile working frameworks propelled up until now, you could just control the authorizations of the area. Presently you have command over all the applications.

2. Fordable Phone Support

You have caught wind of the cell phone cell phone. Google has additionally structured this new Android Q working framework for the adaptable cell phones of Samsung and Huawei Jesse cell phone creator organizations.

3. Sharing Shortcut
Through this new working framework, clients will almost certainly effectively share information with some other gadget. For this, clients will get highlights, for example, sharing alternate routes. Aside from this, administrations like Camera, Connectivity, Gaming and Neural Network API will likewise be accessible.

4. Gadget Location

Clients will gain more power when they get an area. This will make the application work just when it is running or on the foundation consistently. The client can ever permit the application to see the area.

5. Framework wide screen recorder apparatus

The Android Q framework, with the assistance of the White Screen Recorder Tool highlight, can likewise record the screen substance of its versatile. With this procedure, he can likewise record his voice over and share it.

6. Downsize Support

In the working framework up until this point, you have seen the choice of redesigning the application as it were. However at this point you can likewise minimize the application to Android Q.

7. Crisis
This new working framework will likewise incorporate another Emergency Button. Which can be gotten to from Power Menu. Through this, the client will almost certainly call Emergency brings in a brief timeframe.

8. Warning Management

Advance rendition of Notification Management Mechanism might be accessible in the Android Q working framework. Oversee Notification can be highlighted instead of Manage.

9. Dim Mode

Dim Mode is coming in all the applications these days. In the Android Q working framework Power Mode will get Dark Mode highlight.

10. PiP Mode

In the Android Q, clients can get PiP Mode. Similarly the greatest number of applications can be played on a little screen at the same time in the Samsung telephone, similarly they can be played in another telephone.

11. More Permission

Regardless we don't have unlimited authority over our telephones. In the Android Q working framework, Google can give clients more consents and clients will most likely access like never before previously.

12. Screen capture Notch

Android Q Operating System Mobile answer will expel your screen capture and your indent will likewise be there. Well it was required, however it has support in the new working arrangement of Android.

13. Local Support

Android Q will have a locally support. In fact, you will almost certainly control the profundity of the Android Q. This is an extraordinary element.

14. Work area Mode

Work area Q is coming to Desktop mode There is discussion of this as well, much has not been enlightened much regarding it. So don't educate much regarding it.

15. Execution

We all can comprehend that the execution of the new form will be superior to the old adaptation. Much the same as that, Android Q's execution is obviously better than Android Pie.

16. Extension Storage

This will give you more power over access to Shard records. Clients will almost certainly control the entrance of the application to photographs, video and sound gathering through new runtime authorizations.

Which smartphone is available for Android Q

This will give you more power over access to Shard records. Clients will almost certainly control the entrance of the application to photographs, video and sound gathering through new runtime authorizations.

Google's new Android Q has been taken off to working framework clients. It has quite recently been presented in beta form. This is additionally accessible for a restricted gadget.

This update is at present accessible in Google Pixel Devices. Incorporates Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL Smartphone.

Clients who don't have Google's cell phone can download this picture by means of Android Emulator. However, before refreshing this, take a Data Backup.

Google says that the most recent adaptation of Android Q or Android 10.0 will be made accessible on every single cell phone by August 2019.

How to install Android Q in your Smartphone

Presently you can introduce the Android Q child form just in pixels cell phone. Pursue the accompanying strides for this.

1.First you go to

2.After that select for the Android Beta program.

3.After select, you will get a notice, it will be composed that your framework is prepared to update.

4.At that point there will be an introduce alternative. Snap on it to introduce.

5.Reset your cell phone in the wake of introducing

6.After this, Android Q beta will come in your cell phone


In the event that you need to return to your old form working framework, go to the Android Beta site and snap on the Opt-out alternative.

After this you will have an update in the following 24 hours. After this update, you can reset your cell phone. Subsequent to resetting the old form will come in your versatile.

When is Android Q or Android 10.0 coming?

Android Q Release Date: Beta 1 Version of Android Q was rolled out on 13 March 2019 only. Beta 3 version Launch will arrive in Android Q Beta 2 and May in April 2019.

Final incremental update beta 4 will be released in June, its full version will be launched in July from beta 5 or 6 and in August 2019.

What is name given to Android Q

Google has no longer given any authentic call to this Android Q operating device yet. anyhow, it has a tendency to be declared soon.

at the off threat which you are brooding about, Google will call the Android Q update for the sake of which desserts? So we have a few guidelines for this that we're letting you realize here.

Google can give this update any one of the following names

   1. Quiche
    2.  Quick
    3.  Quality
    4.  Street
    5.  Quaker Oats
    6.  Quisito
    7.  Quindim
    8.  Quince
    9.  Qottab
    10.Queen of Pudding.

It is difficult to say anything about this but Google's new operating system name can be quindim of these.

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Which Motherbored is Best

what is Motherboard

This is a Printed Electronic Circuit Board, also called the Main Board or System Board. Connects all part (Power Supply, CPU, PCI, RAM) among themselves.If it is talked about its Design, it is a Plastic Card which has the layer of Aluminum and Copper climbing. With this, there are Millions of small Chips, Ports on the Motherboard.

Which Motherbored is Best

1. Parts Of Motherboard

Motherboard would Consist of Thousands of Parts, including Processor, RAM & Power Supply. Understand that in addition to the Hard Disk, Fan and DVD Drive in the CPU, everything is felt in the Motherboard itself. From which some main parts are as follows

Power Supply: The most important thing for any Computer to run is Power, because without it nothing can be done. Power Connector with Motherboard's Right Side 20-24 PIN is provided. This is the Power Supply in the entire Computer and it is also seen how much Power to give Chip or Port.



BIOS Chip & CMOS Battery

BIOS Chip & CMOS Battery: The BIOS Chip introduces the Operating System's Boot Process Start. To start the Process, it requires Extra and Constant Power. Therefore it is also equipped with a Battery called CMOS & BIOS Battery.

There is also more use of this Battery such as System Time & Date Maintain and Resetting the Boot Master Password.

















Processor Socket

Processor Socket: In this, Computer Processor (Inter i3, i5 Processor) is installed, it is a Computer Brain, so it is Put in the Center. 



RAM Memory Slot

Memory Slot: Every Computer has different Memory Slots before the DDR Slot used to be in the old Computer but now it comes with DDR3 Slot and DDR4 Slot, which is fitted with 2 in the right side of the Motherboard. When you are going to take a new Motherboard, check that which Memory Slot is installed. 



 Northbridge & Southbridge

Northbridge & Southbridge: Motherboard has been Devided in 2 parts, Northbridge and Southbridge, Northbridge Memory, PCI Slot, and Southbridge Processor, Network Card is managed. 


Ports: PS2 (Mouse & Keyboard), USB Ports, RJ-45 for Port LAN (Ethernet), 9PIN Serial Port, VGA Port, MIDI Port, Audio port.


2. Different Types Of Motherboard 

Mother board keeps changing with the Time and Design. At this Time, many Advance Motherboards come in which many Portable things are also involved. But before that if you had purchased a CPU Motherboard then you could have made some changes.

If you want something Extra or New, then you have to take a New Motherboard and on this basis the Motherboard is divided into 2 ways 

AT & ATX came before the AT 90 board, but after the 90's, they stopped being used and after that the ATX Motherboards started coming. Sometimes you hear the name of the BTX Motherboard, this is also a type of Motherboard but I do not know much about it, you can find out about it from the Internet. 


3. How To Choose The Right Motherbored For Computer

In the Laptop it is fine that you will find these things but for Desktop Computers you can select Motherbord according to your how much port you want, RAM Slot, PCI, Expansion Slot.

There are some basic tips for this, so that you can choose the right Motherboard.

Before buying a Computer, let's decide what Computer you are using and what Features you need in it.

(Ex- if you are taking Gaming Purpose with PCI Slot).

After that you know what is the Motherboard on the Internet? And for the work you want to buy, check out the Best Motherboard System and also review the Logo on Youtube.

After that you will be able to make the right choice of Motherboard and buy your Motherboard for Value for money.


4.Best Gaming Motherboard 

Who does not like Playing Games and if the Computer Game is like PUBG, then there is more to play.

But if your Computer does not have a Motherboard with a good Brand and Configuration then your CPU's Performance will not improve and due to this you will not enjoy Playing the Game.

So here you will find Information about some of Best Gaming Motherboards.

ASRock H370M Pro4 - This is a High Configuration Motherboard that supports all kinds of Latest Technology. for example..

  • Supports 8th Generation Intel Core Processors
  • Supports Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology
  • 6X SATA 3 Ports,Supports Raid 0,1,5,10 NCQ,AHCI &Hot Plug
  • Supports AMD Quad CrossFireX, CrossFireX Technology
  • 4x DDR4-2666 / 2400/2133 DIMM Slots, dual Channel, Non-ECC, Unbuffered, liquid ecstasy capacity of 64GB
ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 2 - ASUS is always known for making better Hardware and is one of the Best Motherboard Manufacturing Companies with the world yet. If you want to Play a Game like Sniper Elite, Batman on the Computer, then this is the right thing for you. In this we support all the latest Computer Technology.

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Whatsapp Top 10 Amazing Facts

Whatsapp Top 10 Amazing Facts

All people know about whats app.whats app today is the most fun messaging today, which is the most done to her today. Today, the man running the Internet uses whats app There are new features coming up on the wires which we like to do. Today you are going to tell you some amazing facts about whats app. You probably do not know


The app knows a lot about whats app. Anyways, there is a very widely used messaging app. whats app has covered all over the world. The app will know about many tips and tricks about whats app. So let's talk about some of the amazing facts of Whats app today 


Top 10 Amazing  Facts Of Whats app

1. whats app was made by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in the Year 2009.

2. Whats app never Stores its user Data

3. The programming of Whats app is made in the Lang programming language

4. Brian Acton and Jan Koum were both former workers of Yahoo

5. whats app is built for all operating systems like ios Symbian, Android, BlackBerry

10, Windows. Nokia Series 40, Firefox OS

6. more than 1 billion people use Whats app in 180 countries of the world

7. Whats app never made his marketing

8. There is no add to the What's app anytime 

9. Mark Zuckerberg has purchased whats app for $ 16 Billion

10. If you want to do so, I do not know how to do something that has not happened yet. Only 55 employees still work in the world's most populous messaging app.

In this post, you have been told about, whatsapp Top 10 Amazing facts if you have any questions or suggestions besides comment below Ask. And share this post so that others can also know about this Information.

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Taylor swift images instagram

Taylor swift images instagram

Best Mobile Processor and which type of best

Best Mobile Processor and which type of best

Today in this article we'll tell you about what happens to the Mobile Processor. You will get a Different Processor in each Mobile Earlier we had educated you concerning what is the Graphics Processor. Today in this article we'll reveal to you what the Processor is, how it works, and which Processor is that the best. Let's know about each one by one.

What is Processor

As the Brain Handles most of the Work in our Body. Likewise, the Processor works best in Mobile. Whenever we want one thing. Our Smartphone prepares our Processor to create the Device work currently. As if you run the associated Application in the Mobile, then the maximum performs of it's to Control your Processor. To know the Processor, it's very important to take care of 4 things. If you do not take care of those things then you may not understand much about the processor.

The Architecture of Processor Designing

First of all, you have to know about it. The Style of Architecture Processor is that it's such a Design that Designers are Planning the same as we tend to Design the house. So initial of all, you've got to stay in mind that the Processor was created by that License of the corporate. Such as: -

Cortex A-5, Cortex A-7, Cortex A-9,
Cortex-A-11, Cortex-A-15, Cortex-A-53,
Cortex-A-57, Cortex A-5

This Company changes its Processor Style once a year, a lot of Power the Processor becomes, a lot of Power it becomes.

Types Of Processor

The Intensity of the Processor relies upon its Technology according to Architecture, the Company makes Processors using Technology. Very Small Transistors are used in making a Processor. The smaller the size of the Semiconductor Unit, the Processor becomes equally Powerful. Here area unit the names of some corporations given below. Those Nanometers that were told together will let you know which Processors are more powerful

      Company                                                            Size

  1. Exynos                                                         14 Nano Meter
  2. Qualacomm                                                 16-20 Nano Meter
  3. Mediatek                                                      26 Nano Meter           

Numbers Of Cores

When you buy a Mobile it is written above that it has the Dual Core-2 Core, Quad Core-4 Core, Hexa Core- 6 Core, Octa Core- 8 Core. The more Core the Processor will now, the more Processor will be powerful. Along with this, his Architecture and Technology should also be new so that he can support him well and deliver maximum speed for Mobile. Below are some of the Mobiles that have been told about their Processor.

     1.Octa Core: -Samsung Galaxy S7 And S6 Edge
     2.Hexa-Core:- LG G4 ™
     3.Quad Core:-Droid Turbo Motorola


This point is most important all told these points as a result of if the Processor doesn't recognize the Frequency of a Mobile, then the Speed of the Processor won't even know how several Clocks it works on the Second. And its Frequency activity Unit is Cycled Per Second, 1Ghz during a Mobile Processor means that it works 1 second Ten Million Times. As the range will increase, the Processor Speed will increase as well.

Below we are telling you about some Processors used in some Android and will tell their details too so that you get convinced which Processor is good.


This Processor makes Samsung Company and it just makes the Processor for Mobile only. This is the best Processor for Android Mobile. In this, you will realize Quad Core and Octa-Core Processors.

2.Qualcomm Snapdragon

This is the biggest Mobile Processor maker that uses ARM Design. Its 800 Series Processors are considered to be the simplest. The Company Styles its own Processor and at the same time Styles its own Graphics Processor. Its 4-Series Processors are made 200 Series Processors are made for the Cheapest Mobile. Then there's a 400-Series Processor, which is created for the center very Smartphone.
After that, there is a Processor of 600 Series, which is made for Mobile Phones with a better vary and also the Processor of the last is that the 800 Series Processor, it is Designed for the most Costly Phones


In this Company's Processor, 1 Core uses more. If you use any of its 4 Core Processors, then you have got 4 + 1 Core. The Processor of 1 Core works on the Sleep Mode in order that the Battery Backup Increases.

4.Intel Atom

Intel Processors have been used very little in the Smartphone, its Processor is used in Asus Zenfone. It is Designed on X86 Architecture.


This is a Taiwanese Company. It makes the Cheapest Processor on today's time, and therefore the Mobile Phones used in this Processor area Unit almost Low-Cost Mobile. This Company uses the most Core in its Processor. The Biggest Drawback of these Processors is that they use a lot of Power so that the Battery of the Phone is Quickly Dredged and there are many such Devices which can also see the Heat Problem. But this can be due to the Load on the Processor when we do Multitasking, the Load on the Processor will Increase very much, because of that Mobile starts getting Hot. But in the market, it still offers the Cheapest Processor

6.HiSilicon Kirin

These Processors are made by China's Company Huawei. In their Latest Model, you may realize African Country GPU and use ARM Mainframe Cores and Upgraded Network Technology. It is made using Processor 16-Nanometer Technology. The Battery Life of this Processor is Incredibly High and your Mobile doesn't get too Heat. According to the common, this Processor is additionally the most effective.

In this post, you have been told about Mobile Processor type Mobile Processor List Snapdragon Processor, Octa-core Processor which is the best Mediatek or Snapdragon Processor, if you have any questions or suggestions besides comment below Ask. And share this post so that others can also know about this Information.

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Happy Christmas 2019 Free Wishing Script Download And Share Friends And Family

Happy Christmas 2019 Free Wishing Script Download And Share Friends And Family

How to Download and we as an a.GIF file. Please Given Below

First, Open The Link Given Below-

  • u will see Red indicate Marking Showing Download Arrow Right side

  • After u will see Red indicate Marking Showing left n side bottom Download on this link. Open This Downloaded Browser.  The script is Ready Type Ur Name That's Its

u will see Like This For Ex I m Type here Name ABC.

Happy Christmas 2019 Free Wishing Script Download And Share Friends And Family

Android Q operating system

What is Android Q Do you think about Google's new portable working framework Android Q? Google discharged Android 10.0 beta form a...